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Work 29.06.2007

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Salaam everyone.

So how’s everyone? I’ve been good alhamdullilah 🙂 so anyhow, here’s my update.

2nd of July 2007

It was my first day at work. And I never thought that the people there are so warm and friendly. My position in the company is as a Trainee Surveyor. I work under my mentor which happened to be my senior at school back in 2005. She made things easy for me and the rest of my friends. She helped us a lot on our first day and I couldn’t thank her more 😉

My working hours are from 8.30 a.m. til 12.30 p.m. and 1.30 p.m. til 4.30 p.m (Monday til Friday). Tiring much? The lunch break is only for 1 hour. But yeah. It’s okay.


3rd July 2007.

~ My supervisor, my mentor and I went to Muara camp for site discussion.

~ I was asked to do the estimating on one of the project. *horror* I never expect it to be that tough. I have to check the items price one by one. If salah satu, salah semua! =/ I like my yesterday’s work.

~ I haven’t even finished doing the estimating! I still have about 4 papers to go *sobbed*

~ And I miss spending time with him. 😦 I miss you!

~ Btw its haieza’s 21st bday today. (= Happy birthday friend. May Allah bless you always.


4th July 2007.

~ Dalsanet introduction.

~ Continue doing yesterday’s estimating.

~ I was taught on how to do the work orders thing. It was tougher than ESTIMATING! =S

~ Nothing extraordinary happened on this day.


Today 5th of July

~ as usual. WORK!

~ and today is my lil’ sister (Ena b’day). She turned 6 today! 😀 Happy b’day baby~ (pics soon)

~ might be going to Muara Camp tommorow for another site discussion.

Well, until then. *hugs*



Here without you 29.06.2007

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World is a cruel place to stay! 😦


Moved 29.06.2007

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This is not my first time. I had a blog which happened to be too exposed that some of the silent readers who has been stalking me since ages gave me HATE COMMENTS.

Its time to move to wordpress. 🙂 because i can delete HATE COMMENTS.

Until the next post. Bye.